Armed Robber Get’s What Is Coming To Him (VIDEO)

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A hooded man barged into Lotions & Lace, a sex shop in San Bernardino, California recently. He was aggressive and requested all of the money from the register. Little did he know, he just brought a gun to a dildo fight.

A fake gun, that is.

Despite the shocking surveillance footage, the cashier, Amy, apparently recognized the gun as a fake immediately. At first she even thought it was a prank. As soon as she realized the man was serious, however, she wasn’t frightened at all—just frustrated.

The video shows Amy and a colleague screaming at the man and throwing sex toys at him. Eventually, he backs down and leaves the shop unharmed.

While the event is still in investigation, it was filed as an attempted robbery. While little—not even a last name—is given of Amy, it is clear that she’s seen some things in her life. After all, she did out-intimidate an armed robber.

While even less is known of the robber, we can all assume he didn’t expect his plot to be thwarted by a storm of dildos.

Watch him learn his lesson in the video below!

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