While Desecrated Jewish Cemeteries Remain Without Visit Ivanka Takes Museum Tour (VIDEO)

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There have been numerous attacks on Jewish Community Centers and desecration to Jewish Cemeteries over the last few months due to the power the Trump administration has given to anti-Semitic groups through their racist rhetoric. Though Trump has not specifically aimed his hatred towards the Jewish community, he has pretty much expressed hatred towards every other group besides the white Christian man.

Ivanka Trump and her husband’s family are one of the first modern Orthodox Jewish families to reside in power in this country. During the last few months as attacks have peppered the country, Ivanka expressed her concern through Twitter but did find time in her day visit any of these affected areas. However, she did find time to take a private tour of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

This visit is ironic on many levels.

For the daughter of the man who is pushing these anti-Jewish ideas to the public, it is scary that she attempts to stand in solidarity with this religious group. The Holocaust Museum is an extremely important part of this world’s identification and a reminder of what we, as a human species, have the ability to do to an entire group of people.

That being said, though it is important to remember the tragedies of the past in order to learn what not to do in the future, Ivanka could have reached out to the current frightened Jewish community to show her caring and solidarity in these times of tragedy. Five years ago, one bomb threat to a Jewish Community Center would have made headlines, but today, it is just another example of dozens of home grown terrorist attacks on people in this country.

Ivanka should learn that if she wants to stand for something, she should immerse herself in the tragedy and help to solve the problem, instead of spending her time perusing a museum that was created due the thought process and actions of a leader very similar to her father.

Our thoughts go out to all the communities currently struggling with adverse effects of hate and racism that the Trump administration has pushed and emboldened in this country.

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