‘What Were You Thinking?’ Man Lectures Raccoon After Saving It (VIDEO)

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A good Samaritan in Hollywood, Florida decided to film his exploits after finding a raccoon stuck in a dumpster. The video shows the man using a wooden plank in order to rescue the critter, which had probably dived into the dumpster in search of food. After watching the raccoon try and fail to extract himself from the situation, the man says:

What were you thinking?

The almost two-minute video mostly shows the man playfully talking to the raccoon while simultaneously calling it “cute.” Viewers are sure to love the brief moments when the raccoon hops up and down while trying to jump beyond the dumpster’s lip.

After the raccoon scuttles away, the unknown man warns it:

Don’t do that again.

Hopefully, the raccoon has learned its lesson. However, given that raccoons are fond of digging through garbage for food, it is likely that this raccoon will be a repeat offender. Most animal experts warn people against leaving their trash outside for any serious length of time. Not only does this trash act as a beacon for raccoons, but, in some areas, it may also attract bears.

Another thing to consider the next time you try and help a stuck raccoon is the fact that these creatures often carry rabies. In fact, according to the CDC, 30.2-percent of all rabies cases in the U.S. in 2014 were caused by raccoons.

If you would like to see more raccoon videos, YouTube has a rather large library of amateur videos featuring raccoons stuck in dumpsters.

Featured image via: Right This Minute

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