Seal Jumps On Boat To Escape Killer Whale Frenzy (VIDEO)

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Off the coast of Vancouver, Canada, Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions routinely takes tourists out to the depths of frenzying killer whales. Recently, however, they served less as a excursion guide and more as a solace for a straggling stranger.

In the middle a pod of 12 Orcas, Nick Templeman (the host of Campbell) and crew watched as a frightened seal dodged the attacks of 2 whales—and finds itself on the rear of the boat.

Their reaction is not what you’d expect, however. Rather than acknowledging the event as miraculous, the tour guides empathized with the Orcas.

“I’m sorry, guys. I can shove him off to you!”

It was one of the tourists, in response, who suggested the struggling seal deserved to live.

For minutes, the crew resided in a moral limbo of whether to cater to their furry fugitive or to throw it to the orcas.

Finally, the seal finds itself nuzzled between the two engines of the boat narrowly hidden from the surrounding whales… waiting.

Finally the coast is clear and the seal continues on its merry way, farewelled by a round of cheers from the excited tourists.

Featured image available via Pixabay 

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