Boy Loses Prized Award, And The Reason Is ABSURD!

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In competitions, there are winners and losers. In some cases, the roles can be reversed due to an error in officiating. For this story, the rules for the sudden change were confusing and very infuriating.

Grayson Powell, who is a seven year old out of Canada, was excited to compete at a youth bowling tournament. Luckily for him, his team won with a score of 171. Unfortunately, the celebration came to an end in record time due to a disqualification.

The reason for his disqualification wasn’t about a false score. It was the color of his pants that had the boy stripped of his title. He wore faded black pants that day, and the rules clearly state that you must wear black pants. Having them faded wasn’t enough to give him a pass. Over on the NL Youth Bowling Facebook page, they made it clear that they were correct in their decision.

“Mr Todd Powell knew full aware of the dress code, and sent his child to Provincials knowing that it was against the rules. Why is NL YBC in the wrong here, when parents knowingly broke the rules, and we are the bad guys?”

It didn’t end there as their novel like explanation continued on.

“We did nothing wrong. Stop blaming NL YBC and [president] Gord Davis for something that should never have had happened. Ignorance of a rule … is not the fault of the governing body.”

Gord Davis was a bit hesitant about issuing the disqualification; he had to speak with other members of the board before making the final decision. Grayson’s father wondered why they even bothered letting them playing with the knowledge that they were already disqualified due to a wardrobe snafu.

The president did state that Grayson and his team will gain gold medals for their performance at a future ceremony because the situation got out of control very quickly.

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