A Pint Of Beer Randomly Explodes In Pub Goer’s Face (Video)

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The Exploding Pint Glass sounds like an excellent name for a British pub. However, for one unlucky “punter” (British slang for a customer), his pint of Carling lager literally exploded without cause.

According to Dave McGinnis, the landlord and proprietor of The Derby Arms pub in Knowsley, Merseyside, he did not immediately believe the customer’s claim that some unforeseen force had caused his pint glass to implode. Therefore, McGinnis went back over the pub’s CCTV footage. What he saw floored him.

I thought he (the customer) might have knocked it or something without realizing so I checked the CCTV and you can see that he’s just sat texting. He doesn’t touch it.

McGinnis claims that the customer is a regular who comes in most often on Wednesdays. The man had no reason for lying.

Making matters weirder is the fact that McGinnis, who has run The Derby Arms for over a decade, asserted that other patrons and employees have reported other strange goings-on over the years. The even have a name for the pub’s ghost.

There is a story about a ghost called Hartley, who’s apparently the resident ghost.

McGinnis told the Liverpool Echo that he has never personally experienced any supernatural activity, and yet the video of the exploding pint is very hard to explain away.

Who knows, maybe a thirsty and/or mischievous ghost just wanted to a few a little fun with fellow punters.

Featured image via: Daily Mirror 

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