Trump’s Golfing Habit Is Bankrupting The Country (VIDEO)

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President Donald Trump has been complaining about our economy for quite some time. Yet for a guy who hates unnecessary spending, he sure does take a lot of unnecessary trips. On the taxpayers’ dime, no less.

‘Messy Budget’

During a meeting with the Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Trump complained about the economy. He even hammed it up for the reporters by saying:

“Unfortunately, the budget we’re essentially inheriting is a mess. The finances of our country are a mess. We must do a lot more with less.”

His rhetoric must be music to Republican ears, who were ecstatic when they won Congress while simultaneously seeing one of their own become president. They viewed it as an opportunity to cut spending, which is something Trump supporters love to hear.

Unless it affects them in a negative way.

Their leader is sending a loud signal with his weekly Mar-A-Lago trips, though. As a news reporter points out, perhaps Trump could cut back on frivolous spending by not flying to Palm Beach every week.

Expensive Retreats

CNN host Jake Tapper pointed out that Trump is in no place to complain about spending, saying:

“Do a lot more with less. Presidents are certainly entitled to take a day off, but any deficit hawk would ask, ‘Is a weekly trip to Palm Beach by the president doing a lot more with less?’ He takes Marine One, Air Force One, and motorcades to get the president to his posh oceanside estate with intense secret service protection.”

Tapper was pointing out that every time Trump visits Mar-A-Lago, it costs the taxpayers $3 million. Hardly a small amount to shrug off, especially when Trump wants to do “a lot more with less.”

But what’s a new president to do when he’s stressed from early morning tweet storms based on conservative conspiracy theories?

Tapper suggested he visit another place to relax by saying:

“There is another retreat much closer and cheaper. That, of course, would be Camp David. It is already set up to be a working White House and has security protocols in place 24/7.”

It’s unlikely that Trump will heed that advice, though. He’s already taken it upon himself to call his tacky golf course the ‘Southern White House.’ Let’s clarify once and for all: Mar-A-Lago will never be the ‘Southern White House.’

The other alternative is for Trump to not vacation so much, especially so soon into his tumultuous presidency.

Watch the full segment below.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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