Working Out To The News Can Be Dangerous To Your Health (VIDEO)

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If you happen to live in Scranton, Pa., and you like to work out at your local YMCA, you’re going to have to do it without having the news on in the background.

The Greater Scranton YMCA used to run 24 hour news so their customers could stay up to date on daily events while they rode the stationary bikes. You know, sweating to the headlines.

But now that the news is a constant flow of lies, accusations, innuendo, and alternative facts, things have changed. Customers have found that they are less than comfortable lifting weights when the TV news makes them want to drop those weights on another customer’s head.

Trish Fisher is the CEO of the gym. She said,

We’ve had members step forward saying they’ve felt a little uncomfortable with the arguments going on over politics.”

Fr several years, the YMCA has been showing CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. All day, around the clock.

As you can imagine, given the very divided political atmosphere in the country right now, things at the gym have been pretty tense. Try to picture conservatives working out next to liberals while Hannity is running on the TV in front of the room.

It seems that several loud verbal arguments have broken out since the election. In at least one case, someone had to step in between two furious would-be athletes who were about to come to blows.

So, there will be no more TV news running at the Greater Scranton YMCA. No more Jake Tapper while jumping rope, no more elliptical with Fox N’ Friends. No more morning workout with Morning Joe.

From now on, the TVs at the Y will be showing ESPN and the always safe Weather Channel.

Probably healthier for everyone involved.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

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