Police Handcuff 99 Year-Old Woman During Her Aresst

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A grandmother in Holland, known in reports only as Annie, was handcuffed before being taken to the cells and locked up in her local police station. Her crime?

There wasn’t one, but she is not complaining.

Grandma Annie has been working her way through her bucket list, and her family found out she had always wanted to know what it was like to be arrested. Her niece arranged, with local police in  Nijmegen Zuid, for the special treat after  mentioning it in passing while reporting a crime at the local police station.

The local police jumped at the chance to do something positive so on the morning of Feb. 23, Annie was driven in a police car to her nearest police station and handcuffed. Annie was handcuffed before being escorted to a cell where she was able to stay for as long as she liked.

The pictures posted to the Nijmegen Zuid police Facebook page show a happy grandma Annie laughing and joking and proudly holding her handcuffs up for all to see.

Featured Image via Nijmegen Zuid Police Service



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