Racist Georgia Couple Sentenced For Drunken Terrorist Rampage (VIDEO)

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A pair of Georgia racists have come to the harsh realization that sometimes actions do have consequences.

On Monday, a judge in Georgia sentenced Kayla Norton, 25, and Jose “Joe” Torres, 26, to six years and 13 years in prison, respectively, for terrorizing an 8-year-old’s birthday party in 2015.

Norton and Torres, who have three children together, were part of a white supremacist group that called itself “Respect the Flag.” If you’re thinking, “Respect the Flag? I can get behind that motto,” I’d like to point out that it’s the Confederate flag we’re talking about here.

Image via Douglas County District Attorney’s Office

Representing all the reasons why white people are clearly the epitome of human evolution, Norton and Torres’ group got drunk drove around in their Confederate-flag-waving pick-up trucks, found a little kid’s backyard birthday party, and threatened to kill the party-goers, children included, with the loaded 12-gauge shotgun they were (again, drunkenly) waving around. Of course, this was after they drove all around the county hurling threats and insults at minorities on the street.

In a stunning display of zero self-awareness and total inability to accept responsibility, Norton’s statement to her victims included “I’m so sorry that happened to you,” and, “I want you all to know that is not me. That is not me.” Norton was identified as the suspect who retrieved the shotgun from the truck, loaded it, and handed it to Torres.

In his closing arguments, Assistant District Attorney David Emadi said,

“This case is about the fundamental right that all people have in our community to live free of the fear that may any moment they will be assaulted, threatened, and possibly killed simply because of the color of their skin. This case is about their right to live free from fear of violence and persecution that thugs like Torres and Norton and their White Supremacist friends believe they are entitled to inflict upon anyone what is different from them.”

Norton and Torres will both be banished from Douglas County after their release. I didn’t even know you could be legally banished from a place, but I can’t say I’m upset about it.


Featured image via Flickr by John Ramspott

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