Twitter Had A Blast Re-Imagining The Rainy Day Trump Photo (TWEETS)

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The internet is once again roaring over a picture taken of President Trump in a car before the joint-session of Congress on Tuesday where he did more than embarrass himself, show his heartless disgusting behavior towards a fallen soldier, and mock the Democratic party. The photo seems to show Trump reading something.

It didn’t take long for people to start re-imagining what exactly was going on in that scenario. From longing lustful looks to music video poses these tweets are absolutely hilarious. Most likely he was just reading the menu for dinner after the event. A longing look for his well-done steak and ketchup. Here are some of our favorites:

The Original



A Somber Moment



A Little Poe


Using Big Boy Words


Cause It’s The First Time You Read It


White Supremacist Hand Writing Is The Worst

Featured image via Twitter.

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