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Was Hitler Was Off His Face On Drugs ?(VIDEO)

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German leader, and white supremacist, Adolf Hitler, is a menacing figure in history that continues to shock historians. While he has been studied ever since the horrors he brought upon Europe in the 1930s and 1940s it seems there is more to his story. Many people have wondered at his speeches – he seems to yell in absolute anger and hysteria.

While many have put it down to a type of madness, it seems there might have been another reason for his crazed manner.

It has been reported that Hitler was a cocaine and meth fiend.

In September last year a book by Norman Ohler called Blitzed contains many allegations of severe drug abuse by the racist leader.

According to Ohler, Hitler was considered clean living at the start of his career. His propaganda machine deliberately created this image. An ally in 1930 said this:

He is all genius and body..And he mortifies that body in a way that would shock people like us! He doesn’t drink, he practically only eats vegetables, and he doesn’t touch women.

According to Ohler this could not be further from the truth claiming that by the end of his reign Hitler was on uppers and downers and by combining the two was basically ‘speedballing’.

In 1933 when Hitler’s terrifying regime began, drug takers were considered to be ‘criminally insane’ and drugs were referred to as ‘seductive poisons.’ As a result drug takers were either killed or imprisoned in camps. On top of this drugs were then associated with being Jewish – a community targeted by Nazi Germany in such a systematic and brutal way.

However a version of Methyl amphetamine was being developed at the time – it was called Pervitin. This drug was used to wake Germany up. It was put into chocolates and it was given to soldiers to get everyone moving.

Ohler argues that Hitler’s personal drug use increased in three stages. At first when he was ill in 1941, Hitler was given vitamins and hormones. The next stage was 1943 when Mussolini wanted to pull out of the alliance and Hitler took Eukodal a feel good heroin-like opiate. Ohler claims while high on this drug, Hitler managed to convince Mussolini to stick with him.

Finally, Hitler was said to have developed a cocaine habit. Ohler claims he took a very pure form of cocaine at least 50 times.

Often in the end he was consuming uppers within close proximity to taking Eukodal, which could have been a lethal combination. While Hitler’s bad health at the end of his life has been put down to various things, Ohler is convinced he was suffering withdrawal:

Yeah, it must have been pretty awful. He’s losing a world war, and he’s coming off drugs.

Hitler certainly has not been forgotten, his outrageously racist and murderous policies are considered some of the worst in history.

It is fascinating that over 70 years later we are still discovering even more information about this disturbing figure.




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