OMG! Saudi King Takes Crazy Amount Of Luggage On Holiday (VIDEO)

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If you are one of those people who is  always teetering over the luggage weight limit when you fly, just wait until you get a load of this.

Saudi King Salman, who is beginning his grand Asian tour, tips the scales at 460 – and I’m not talking pounds or kilograms but tonnes! That is equal to 1014126lb 7.808000oz

If you are wondering what you could take on holidays that could possibly weigh that much, his load includes two Mercedes Benz cars and two electric lifts.

King Salman will be touring Asia for a month and his massive cargo requires 572 staff just to manage it. On top of this he also have at least 100 security staff members. He will be visiting six Asian nations including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, China, the Maldives and Jordan.  Due to his gigantic entourage he will no doubt be booking hotels out in entirety.

The Saudi King arrived in Malaysia  and was welcomed by a 21 gun salute. It has been just over ten years since his predecessor King Abdullah who was also his half brother also visited the country. However Abdullah only had an entourage of a mere 300 people.

When King Salman arrives in Indonesia his staff will increase to 1500. It obviously takes a hell of a lot of muscle to handle this huge load.

While the first part of his tour is partly business, his final two weeks will be spent in the Maldives and it is reported that three entire resorts in the tropical heaven have been booked just for him and his crew.

Saudi Arabia is extremely wealthy due to its huge oil reserves and this means money is not an issue for the King.

Just imagine travelling with this amount of baggage.

It really makes you look at weighing your bags in a whole new light.


Watch as the Saudi King arrives in Malaysia:

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