5 People Who Were Left Off Of The Oscars’ ‘In Memoriam’ Segment

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Every year at the Oscars, they have a segment with a slideshow of all of the people we lost during the year. 2016 was a particularly bad year for celebrities passing. Here are a few who were left off of the slideshow:

1. Alan Rickman

As a Harry Potter fan, I’m very pissed that Alan Rickman was left out of the “In Memoriam” segment. He was also amazing in Sweeney ToddDie HardLove Actually, and many more.

2. David Bowie

This great musician and actor died early in 2016, but he was still left off of the segment. He was amazing in Labyrinth as the Goblin King. He was an amazing musician.

3. Alexis Arquette

This actress and sister to Patricia and David Arquette passed this year, and she was snubbed from the Oscars.

4. Ron Glass

As a Firefly fan (with the tattoo to prove it), I am very pissed that Ron Glass was not included at the Oscars. He was also in the show Barney Miller. 

5. Alan Thicke

This was another sad one of 2016. He was a TV dad to all of this.

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