Musician Puts Trump’s Mumbles To Music And It Is EPIC (VIDEO)

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President Trump does do one thing constantly, consistently, and right on cue and that is bragging about himself on a constant basis, even when it’s not true. His voice, after a while, becomes washed out and just a succession of noises coming from the screen.

Well, we aren’t the only one who thought so and when bassist, Dwayne “MonoNeon” Thomas, Jr, grabbed his base and began to play those tones to Trump, he actually may have find a use for the cheeto’s rambling, music. Music is not something Thomas dabbles with, having previously collaborated with Prince and Ne-Yo. Thomas told the Huffington Post:

I’m not a fan of his, but his brags sound like today’s mumble hip-hop. I heard them and put musical pitches and notes to them.

As far as any future real collaboration with the Dictator in Chief, it looks as if this was really just one big joke. Thomas stated:

It’s a satire of how ridiculous he is.

We do have to say though, you could make a career just off of the next four years of Trumps self-absorbed, patting on the back, mumbling rhetoric. The new dance tracks at the club would never be the same, though the patronage might go down considerably.

Here’s MonoNeon and his Trump base track:

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