Man Gets Hit By Truck, News Reporter Does Nothing (VIDEO)

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A video surfaced recently depicting a man who was just hit by a commercial semi-truck in El Salvador. The man lies on the ground, rocking in pain. The reason the clip went viral, however, is the behavior of the news reporter.

Soon after he was hit, he was rushed to by TVO NOTICIAS, a local news station. Instead of calling emergent care, she instead bombards him in a line of questioning for the report.

Quivering and groaning, the man tells the reporter that he was hit by a truck and is dying. To this, the reporter responds:

“Didn’t you see the vehicle?”

Allegedly he was on his way to the hospital when he got hit.

Responders of the video have requested the reporter and the cameraman to be dismissed from the station.

While little is known of this man or the interviewer, it has been reported that he died shortly after due to the catastrophic injuries.

Some people go too far for a story.

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