Bernie Sanders Trolls Trump On Twitter And Shuts Him Down FAST (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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It is no secret that President Trump absolutely cannot stand the enormous amounts of people that are coming out to protest Trump and his regime on a daily basis. These rallies aren’t just taking place in the states but all over the world as well. In one of Trump’s ever revolving Twitter explosions he posted an interesting idea for his followers, but Senator Bernie Sanders promptly shut him down.

According to Trump his rally would be the biggest of them all but…hasn’t that already happened? Bernie Sander’s made sure to remind Trump that his followers aren’t quite as YUGE as be thinks they are. Sanders tweeted:

Sanders made sure to not only make a epic verbal statement but put up side by side pictures of Trump’s inaugural crowd and the Women’s March which happened only a day or so afterward. According to Trump, though, all protesters against him are paid soooo….

Leave it to Bernie Sanders to make Trump continue to feel the Bern long after the election season.

Featured image via The Rag Blog.

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