Ancient Egyptian Stories To Be Translated Into English For The First Time

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We’ve all seen the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in and around the Pyramids and other places. They have been translated into Greek and Latin, but now they are finally being translated into English for the first time.

Egyptologist Toby Wilkinson said this about it:

“What will surprise people are the insights behind the well-known facade of ancient Egypt, behind the image that everyone has of the pharaohs, Tutankhamun’s mask and the pyramids.”

These are great literary stories that could be translated. They were not easy to translate. Wilkinson said:

“Take, for example, the words ‘aa’ and ‘wer’, both conventionally translated as ‘great’. The Egyptians seem to have understood a distinction – hence a god is often described as ‘aa’ but seldom as ‘wer’ – but it is beyond our grasp,”

This is so interesting, and I would love to read these stories.

The bookWritings from Ancient Egypt, is available now.

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