Denmark Trolled Trump In The Most EPIC Way (VIDEO)

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Last Friday at approximately five in the evening, outside the Swedish embassy in Copenhagen Denmark, around one thousand people gathered for a vigil to show solidarity for the people affected by President Trump’s “Last Night In Sweden” terrorist attack. The mock vigil was in response to Trump’s made up “terrorist” events in Sweden during his speech a couple of weeks ago.

The remarks from Trump were met with bewilderment by the Swedish government and were then mocked incessantly all over the internet. Apparently his news came from Fox News who also debuted a “Swedish Immigration Ambassador” that was in fact just some ex-con who had emigrated to the United States early in his life.

The vigil was not only successful but also absolutely hilarious. The event’s Facebook page urged the attendees to bring fake flowers and stated:

Following the terrible attack on our sister country Sweden reported by US President Trump, the Nordic countries now stand united. We invite all citizens to walk past the Swedish Embassy on Friday 5pm, in honour of our Swedish brothers and sisters.

But after Trump has pushed the “fake news” agenda in order to keep the country from believing the terrible events unfolding in our government, Artbrusher, the event’s organizer had more than just laughs planned as a meaning behind the vigil. Artbrusher stated:

This is about being able to make your own mind up and make a decision based on facts. This is bigger than Trump.   I don’t have money or power, but I can try and use humour and irony to make people aware of things. Trump is a gift to any artist, because he’s like a walking cartoon, but he’s alive and he’s real.

In a possible mocking of Trump signing an executive order affecting woman’s reproductive rights, the Swedish deputy prime minister, Isabella Lovin posted a picture of herself signing a climate bill surrounded by nothing but women. When asked whether it was a mockery of Trump Lovin stated:

We are a feminist government, which shows in this photo. Ultimately it is up to the observer to interpret the photo.

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Featured image via The Local.

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