Musician Gets Enema Onstage, Gets Banned From Venue (VIDEO)

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Enemas are normally taken in order to help clean the bowels before any sort of medical examination or if the person has problems going to the bathroom. Hailing from Houston Texas, singer Michael Clemmons has some bad blood with local venue Avant Garden and wanted to do something they would never forget. With the help of an unnamed accomplice, he planned out the ultimate form of revenge.

While performing at the venue last week, Clemmons, who is a member of the performance artist team Sonic Rabbit Hole, executed the plan by injecting himself with a protein shake. According to the musician, he was planning on seeing how long he’d last before rushing to the bathroom. During this performance, Clemmons stated that the bag of protein shake ripped, and the substance spilled all over the stage.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case to Avant Garden owner Mariana Lemesoff. She stated that several of her employees got sick from the stench, and several people in the crowd left in shock. One person called the cops to investigate, but they arrived shortly after the act left the stage. The group managed to break a window at the venue due to an argument with another band.

The incident took place during the Zoning Out over a Bowl of Ice Cream Benefit Show #1, which was held to raise funds for a local musician with cancer. Sonic Rabbit Hole won’t have to worry about showing up any other event at Avant Garden; Mariana Lemesoff has banned the group from ever performing at the venue again.

The benefit show was cut short due to the incident, but a Gofundme page has been set up to help raise money. They currently have over $1,400 with a $100,000 goal. For the next show, the Facebook event has the following rule:

“No poopoo, doodoo, doodey or booboo, dookey, or poop, or kaka allowed, except for in designated areas”

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