Merriam-Webster Trolls Kellyanne Conway Over Feminism (VIDEO)

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As usual, the White House Correspondent Kellyanne Conway, has managed to take a word and completely make up a new meaning of it so that she doesn’t have to feel connected to that specific group of people. The work feminists have done through the years has paved the way for a woman, yes even Conway, to climb to the top next to the President of the United States of America.

However, with the way that the president has disrespected women repeatedly over the years, and when caught on the campaign trail showed little to no remorse, the feminist community aren’t huge fans of him. There will always be those couple of rogue feminists who will ignore the fact that he stands against what feminism is to appease their own agenda and that is where Conway falls into this.

Conway told CPAC attendees she “wasn’t about” identifying as a feminist. Conway stated:

For me, it’s difficult to call myself a feminist in the classic sense because it seems to be very anti-male. And it certainly is very pro-abortion in this context. And I’m not anti-male or pro-abortion.

We know there is a long standing stigma about the term feminist but you would think after all this time, and being a woman who rose to power, Conway would understand what a feminist really stands for. Unfortunately, it sounds like Conway has been hanging out with Yiannopoulus a little too much.

But fear not, Merriam-Webster made sure to let Conway know just how wrong she is with this post:

Hopefully Merriam-Webster doesn’t put too much time into trolling anyone from the current regime, otherwise they may be labeled a “fake news” dictionary. But hey, those are just Merriam’s alternative facts right?

If you can stomach it, here is Conway on Fox News making fun of feminists.

Featured image via Raw Story.

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