Fox News Uses A Fake Swedish Expert With A REAL Criminal Background (VIDEO)

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While Fox news continues to push the Swedish immigration agenda, they will obviously go to any length to fool the public into thinking the crime is beyond controllable. Nil Bildt, a guest on the show, was titled the “Swedish Defense and National Security Adviser.”

The problem with that is that neither the Swedish Defense Ministry or the Foreign Office have ever heard of this man, but guess who has?

The United States judicial system is very familiar with him. Fox News branded him an expert on Swedish crime while he was here in the United States assaulting police officers and causing problems while drunk in public. Marie Pisäter with the Swedish Defense Ministry  stated:

We have no spokesman by that name.

And the Foreign Office denies it as well stating:

We do not know who he is.

According to records Nils Bildt, or Nils Tolling originally, was born in Sweden, emigrated to the U.S., changed his name from his paternal name to Bildt, was arrested for assaulting an officer in Virginia in June of 2014, owns several security companies in the U.S., and now is thought to reside in China.

Reporters have been searching every avenue into which they can possibly attach him to Sweden, besides being born there, but no one has found anything. Johan Wiktorin, a former defense analyst at the Military Intelligence and Security Service, MUST, stated:

He is unknown in Sweden as an expert on national security. The depiction of Sweden as a problem country in American media is a disturbing trend.

Bildt reached out to the Swedish publication, DN, through email stating:

I appeared on Bill O’Reillys’s show on Fox News. The title was chosen by Fox News’s editor – I had no personal control over what title they chose. I am an independent analyst based in the USA.

Look Fox, you hold a very important position in the administration because apparently Trump relies on your news more than his own briefings inside the White House. You could at least try to bring on people that were actual experts.

What do you guys do? Grab some drunk homeless guy off the corner and slap a name tag on him? I could totally be your next “Expert on Russian Relations,” I’ll even use an accent.

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