Depressed Women Sent To Graves In Order To Appreciate Life (VIDEO)

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. While 10 million people think about committing suicide yearly, only 1.4 million actually go through with an attempt. Suicides cost $56.9 billion yearly in medical costs, but that doesn’t equate to the personal loss from family members and friends closest to the individual.

In China, the suicide rate is one of the highest in the world, and females have become a major statistic with 56% of female suicides worldwide taking place in that country. 30 year old Liu Taijie almost became a part of the statistic, but she’s doing something to help females in the region to not go down that dark path.

How is she doing it? Well, Taijie is using a method that might raise several eyebrows: she’s sending suicidal women to their graves. On a hill in Chongqing, China, women lie in open graves and meditate while Taijie encourages them through words. When it came to this method, she states:

“I was abandoned by my husband, I was despised by my family. I was deceived by a pyramid selling scam, and I wanted to die. Tears are useless and death cannot solve problems. I want to change and use my experience to help women so I created this ‘grave classroom.’”

It’s been working extremely well, and Taijie has been seen as a savior by many, but she doesn’t really see herself in that way.

“Through experiencing death, I hope to dare them to face life, appreciate life, to have an optimistic attitude towards failures and towards life, to have a better future.”

One person that went through the process states:

“When I think of that if I were dead, my parents, my child and my husband, they would not be able to take it.”

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place on Sunday, September 10.

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