NRA Head Threatens Liberal Safety By Putting The Power ‘In The Hands Of The American People’ (VIDEO)

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During his speech at the CPAC, Wayne Lapierre the head of the National Rifle Association, chastised anti-Trump protesters calling them violent extremists and terrorists. Considering the National Rifle Association is an extreme conservative organization that, wait for it, supports gun rights for all, his speech was riddled with hypocrisy.

Though there have been, as with any other resistance movement, clashing from time to time, the majority of the huge protests against Trump that haven taken place all over the world on a daily basis, have been peaceful. Lapierre stated:

Ladies and gentlemen, another definition of terrorism is violence in the name of politics. And criminal violence has no place in political debate.

Did someone forget to remind him of the innocent man of Indian decent that was GUNNED down in a bar for being mistaken for someone of middle eastern descent?

Lapierre took this opportunity to attempt to insight fear and violence against protesters and pretty much anyone that doesn’t stand for Trump’s anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and racist platform. He went on to say:

The left’s message is absolutely clear. They want revenge, you’ve got to be punished. They say you’re what’s wrong with America and now you’ve got to be purged.

This position was then followed up with the threat that terrorists will join into the protests and cause mass destruction. He also blamed anarchists for carrying out liberal agendas. He also belittled anyone who stands against Trump. Lapierre threatened the left by stating:

Make no mistake, if the violent left brings their terror into our communities, our neighborhoods, or into our homes, they will be met with the resolve, and the strength, and the full force of the American freedom in the hands of the American people and we will win because we are the majority in this country.

It sounds to me Mr. Guns is threatening anyone who stands against this regime with the power “in the hands of the American people.” What power would that be sir? A shotgun? A handgun?


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