Bush Daughter Headlining Planned Parenthood Event (VIDEO)

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Barbara Pierce Bush, daughter of former President George W. Bush, has announced that she will be speaking at a Planned Parenthood event in Fort Worth Texas. Barbara P. Bush will be the keynote speaker at the luncheon scheduled to raise funds for the organization in light of the Trump regime’s attempts to shut it down.

Though her father pushed for anti-abortion laws during his terms in the White House, her mother, Laura Bush, often supported pro-choice and legal abortion in the past. The fundraiser, and addition of Barbara as the keynote speaker, is a push for funding of a variety of medical tests, procedures, education, and planning services that Planned Parenthood currently offers. Though they do offer abortions, conservatives are pushing to “de-fund” on the false premise that tax payer money goes to abortion services, which it does not.

Barbara Bush is the co-founder and CEO of Global Health Corp, an organization that addresses the poor healthcare opportunities for the poor,  and has steadily shown her support for the Planned Parenthood organization. In an interview with the New York Times Barbara talked about the epidemic of childhood deaths all over the world stating:

Since I was born, in 1981, we’ve had the drugs to save the millions of kids around the world who die every year. Yet the number of deaths hasn’t dropped at all. We have the tools to keep people healthy, but the systems are broken.

Later in the interview she expressed her admiration for Planned Parenthood, calling it an “exceptional institution.” Barbara P. Bush also was one of the many attendees at an event for Hillary Clinton during the presidential races.

All of this shows that sometimes the apple does fall pretty far from the tree, and you don’t have to agree with daddy just for the sake of agreement. This is something Ivanka should pay attention to as her father continues to dismantle life saving institutions like Planned Parenthood.

Here is a little about Barbara’s organization.

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