An Ancient Sculpture Predicts Trump’s Grossness (VIDEO)

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When is an immovable grotesque that has had a comb-over forever not Donald Trump?

When it is a stone carving on a 14th-century church with an uncanny resemblance to the 45th President of the United States. In architecture, a grotesque is a fantastical or mythical creature used to decorate churches and buildings of importance.


Photo via RT.

The 14th-century head in the picture is one of 280 at the English place of worship, and it is located at the pulpitum, a screen which separates the nave from the choir. Masons at the time, bought a personality and a sense of humor to their work on the the grotesques, carving them with amusing facial expressions. It is thought to be made of stone, with some plaster renovations which took place in the 19th century.

Found in Southwell Minster Cathedral, Nottinghamshire, UK the doppelganger appears to have the same trademark comb-over and the facial features are similar enough to make you wonder – is President Trump an immortal? Was he the actual model for this fine piece of carving? Do the top 1% have the ability to defy death?

Does anyone else hear the theme to The Omen playing in their head right now?

Featured image via Salon.

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