This New Grocery Line Is Both Brilliant And Heartworming

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This world moves at such a fast paced that there are very few of us who can maintain that speed on a regular basis, and it is even harder with those that suffer from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Social Anxiety, or are on the Autism Spectrum. One grocery store in Scotland is trying to combat that through a check out line that is slow and “relaxed.”

The idea for the “relaxed” checkout was a collaboration between Alzheimer Scotland and Tesco Supermarket in Torres, Scotland. Though it was originally thought of with the Alzheimer patient in mind, this slowed down version of grocery checkouts can be useful for everyone. Wendy Menzies, an adviser at Alzheimer Scotland told CBS:

There are so many other groups of people who can benefit from this type of checkout, a relaxed checkout. A lot of people would like to slow things down a bit. We wanted it to be really inclusive.

The original idea came to the grocery chain when AS did a class on Alzheimer’s for the employees of Tesco. They didn’t realize the staff would care about accommodating all people as much as they did. Kerry Speed, a Tesco employee and brain behind the checkout stated:

[This initiative] is aimed at anyone who just wants to take their time, including those who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, social anxiety issues or are on the autistic spectrum. We hope this will be a great success and a benefit to those customers who choose to use it.

These are the kinds of stories that we need. These are the kind of people that we hope influence kindness that spills over into our country.

Featured image via Facebook/Torres Tesco.

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