Is Pamela Anderson Dating Wikileaks Head Julian Assange? (AUDIO)

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It has come to light that there may be more to Pamela Anderson’s visits to the Ecuadorian embassy than first meets the eye. Former Baywatch starlet Anderson has been photographed visiting the head of Wikileaks and, in a recent interview on Australian radio, Assange acted quite coy when asked about her.

Australian shock jock Kyle Sandilands asked Assange:

What I really want to know, is what’s going on with you and Pamela Anderson? Some sort of romance there?

Assange laughed and answered:

Yeah, a lot of people want to know that which is helpful to draw attention to the situation, but, uh, Pamela Anderson’s an impressive figure.

Then the founder of Wikileaks gushed about the blonde beauty, showering her with compliments and praise:

She’s an attractive person with an attractive personality and whipsmart.

She’s psychologically very savvy … and over the last two years, she has done more to try and get this Australian, me, out of detention without charge than the culmination of the Governments of Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull combined. It should not take Pamela Anderson to do the Australian Government’s job, as capable as she is.

The outspoken DJ was still not happy with his answer and pressed the publisher of many times highly confidential material with this direct question:

Have you formed a love affair with her?”

Funnily enough this is where the man who believes government should be open and transparent suddenly closed up. He replied:

I like her, she’s great, I’m not going to go into the private details.

While he believes there should be no official secrets, he apparently still believes in personal privacy.

Anderson has been known to have relationships with rocks stars such as Tommy Lee, Brett Michaels, and Kid Rock in the past. She is also passionate supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and has more recently led a campaign against porn.

Perhaps her interest in freeing Assange is just a matter of ethics.

However Assange’s super positive answers on radio about her show us that she might be invested in him slightly deeper than we first thought.


Listen to the full interview here:


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