Hospital Visit For Broken Fingernail (VIDEO)

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Remember not to break a nail the next time you go out. Naturally, hospitals are set up for real emergencies, but there are individuals who waste the hospitals’ time for little to no injuries.

Some of these injuries include paper cuts and sore throats. However, a fingernail injury is just plain ridiculous.

After a night out at the club, a woman somehow broke her finger nail. Scary, right?

The clubbing woman decided to go to the emergency room because she wanted hospital staff to “glue it back on.” This was quite an emergency.

The broken fingernail incident is only one of many situations in which individuals essentially waste the hospitals’ time and resources. Hospitals in the UK have encountered 10,000 time wasters each year. One person visited the hospital because “they couldn’t get a good night’s sleep at home.”

Geoffrey Walker, who is the matron for emergency services at Poole Hospital said:

A&E departments are for serious illness or injury and it’s important to stress that the vast majority of patients do access the service appropriately. For those that don’t need A&E, there are many alternatives where people’s health needs may be met more appropriately and which could offer faster access to care.

The more appropriate places for individuals to go with minor injuries are walk-in clinics, minor injury units, and pharmacists. In response to the finger nail injury, a woman said:

It beggars belief that someone would go and cause more strain on the NHS by asking for a nail to be glued back on. I would have told her to get lost. Charging for treatment does sound like a good idea as it may stop time wasters.

A man whose son had to be treated at the hospital said:

I was with my son in Poole A&E last year as he had broken his ankle and the amount of people with injuries they could clearly treat at home was staggering. Three people were sent home with plasters and one family had brought in a child with a small bruise.

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