The Forgotten Child, Tiffany Trump, Rescued By Whoopi Goldberg (VIDEO)

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Elle Magazine’s senior fashion editor, Nikki Oggunaike tweeted that she and other editors changed their seats so they weren’t near the first daughter Tiffany Trump.

On ABC’s The View, different moderators tackled the event from just about every angle imaginable during last week’s panel.

It seems unfair to attack the child of the president who seems to be the least involved in his political agenda, but it is never truly rational when any of these things happen. Chelsea Clinton was compared to a dog by Rush Limbaugh, and the Bush girls were not immune to ridicule either.

Jebediah Bila chimed in on the issue:

“I think no one is immune. Something happens where these parents get in and their kids are held accountable for their parents in some way.”

This photo was posted and unaccountably retweeted, adding to the debate:

Image via Twitter

While Sara Haines claims that this type of childish behavior just comes down to being a ‘mean girl’ for sport, it is Whoopi Goldberg who takes the cake for the most passionate response.

“You know what Tiffany? …I’m coming to sit with you because nobody is talking politics. You’re looking at fashion… I don’t want to talk about your dad. But girl, I will sit next to you, because I’ve been there”

Opinions erupted like popcorn on twitter.  Some claim that the cold shoulder given to Tiffany is no different than the boycott of Ivanka’s products. Goldberg, however, disagrees with ardor.  The Trump daughter was not making a statement at the show. She wasn’t supporting one thing or another. She made no comment, for better or worse, on any policies. She was just… there.

We should applaud Whoopi for her untilted drive for unity.

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