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Stephen King Tweets Parody Song ‘Impeachable’ (VIDEO)

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Noel Paul Stookey better known as Paul from the 1960s’ folk trio Peter, Paul, and Mary has serenaded the President.

He has recorded a hilarious version of ‘Unforgettable’ only he has called it ‘Impeachable’.

Famed writer Stephen King tweeted the song aimed at Trump adding the text “no comment needed.”

The amusing singer gives a wry smile before he begins the comedy track.

‘Impeachable’ is accompanied only by the acoustic guitar he is playing.

The witty and fitting lyrics to the tune of Nat King Cole’s classic ‘Unforgettable’ are as follows:

Impeachable, that’s what you are

Impeachable and yet so far

You’ve avoided closer scrutiny

even though Vladimir Putin he

opened doors… it only makes you more

Impeachable and when some day

we can say “you’re fired” and you go away

You may have thought you were unreachable

but history makes some moments are teachable

some day Pence may be impeachable too

In his career Paul has mainly written and performed folky and upbeat music. This is not his first time showing a political activist side.

Being stars in the 1960s, Peter, Paul, and Mary were part of the hugely significant Civil Rights march with Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963.

According to Hilbert College during a rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin In The Wind’ the trio asked the massive crowd the poignant question:

How many years can a people exist before they’re allowed to be free?

A very good question.

In 2003 Mrs Coretta King wrote on an album cover:

Peter, Paul, and Mary are not only three of the greatest artists ever, but also three of the most outstanding champions of social justice and peace.

At a time when many people are feeling fatigued by the Trump presidency it is nice to have a laugh.

Stephen King has also been more than vocal in his opposition to the actions and words of the new president.

Since tweeting this classic song by Paul Stookey he has also tweeted many comments about our current political climate including this:



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