Small Town French Cafe Wins And Then Loses Michelin Star (VIDEO)

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The well-known and prestigious Michelin restaurant guide made a huge mistake by accidentally awarding a small cheap cafe in France one Michelin star.

The Michelin star is something that chefs work their whole lives to obtain and often restaurants can lose the chance for one small mistake such as spotted silverware or a piece of food not at the perfect temperature.

Well, Bouche à Oreille café in Bourges received one without even trying and it sent people from all over the world racing to this small town cafe where the most expensive plate is $14. The owner of the cafe, Véronique Jacquet, stated:

I’m starting to get snowed under. I have these new customers who want tables of two, three and four but at the same time I have all my regular customers. The problem is we don’t have a big area and we only have four hands.

Michelin quickly fixed the mistake but not before Jacquet got completely overrun by customers, something one might think is good, except when you are not prepared for an influx such as that. When Jacquet’s chef, Penelope Salmon, was asked if a Michelin star was one of her dreams she responded:

No, not at all. I cook with my heart.

Michelin has apologized but for a moment, even brief, one small town cafe was the most sought after restaurant in France.

Featured image via Fox News.

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