Nike Is Empowering Muslim Women In A Whole New Way (VIDEO)

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With all the hateful rhetoric being spewed toward Muslims, and women, it is important for companies to stand up to bullies and show their support. Nike is doing just that.

In an impressive and surprise move by the company, Nike Middle East has come up with an entire marketing promotion that features a video pushing  Arab and Muslim women to be empowered in doing the things they love. Nike states:

What will they say about you? Maybe they’ll say you showed them what’s possible.

In the video you can see women running, skateboarding, and playing various sports regardless of the stares and looks they are getting from those around them. The promotion is meant to show Middle Eastern women athletes as the strong and powerful women they are and to empower others to do the same.

Photo via Mvslim/Nike.

These types of campaigns, in a world where so many are trying push people down, are imperative in order to help those who think they cannot, rise up and feel powerful about who they are.

Hopefully, as companies continue to stand up for their core values we see more inclusive marketing like this. Empower others who aren’t able to see it for themselves.

Featured image via Nike/Twitter.

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