Man Tells Girlfriend Pasta Is ‘Ok,’ Hours Long Police Standoff Ensues

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Valentines day has come and went, and that includes the thousands of romantic Valentines day dinners that the holiday generates.

However, if your significant other does not share the same culinary tastes as you, do not do what one New Hampshire woman did that ended up with her in the backseat of a police cruiser.

Jodi Ecklund did what any other caring person would do on Valentines Day, prepare a fresh plate of warm pasta for her boyfriend Jason Martin. When asked how the pasta tasted, Martin allegedly said that it was “Ok.”

That was enough to push Ecklund over the edge, with the enraged cook punching Martin in the head, throwing some of his things out into the parking lot, and then ultimately barricading herself in their apartment.

Police were called to defuse the situation, and engaged in an hours long standoff with Ecklund, before finally taking her into custody after she surrendered.

Merrimack police chief Denise Roy revealed just how dangerous the situation was to the Union Leader claiming

Ecklund had threatened to kill any police officer that attempted to enter the apartment, and that more than one gun was in the residence during the standoff.

The fore-mentioned threat forced police to evacuate the entire building, and also contributed to the six felony charges that Ecklund ultimately racked up when the standoff ended.

They included domestic violence simple assault, criminal mischeif, criminal threatening, and reckless conduct.

Ecklund revealed, in an arraingment hearing, that her vicious outburst was caused by bipolar disorder claiming:

I’m not this monster.

So next time your husband, wife, significant other etc makes a fresh meal take our advice, and compliment the chef for better or worse.

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