False Missile Warning Freaks Out U.S. Air Force Base

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Apparently accidently sending a missile warning to everyone at an Air Force Base can cause a bit of an uproar. This is exactly what happened at the U.S. Air Force Base, Spangdahlem Air Base, in Germany.

This message was sent out to the 52nd Fighter Wing section of the NATO base and stated:


Severity: High

Photo via Huffington Post.

According to the base someone was working on the design of the warning and, instead of sending it to one person for their approval, sent to everyone instead. Major Byron McGarry told the base publication:

One of the command post controllers was building a template for this specific thing that was posted, and he inadvertently sent it to everybody.

It took approximately eight minutes for the person to send out a message to everyone to disregard the alert but someone snapped a photo of it and posted it to Instagram.

Photo via Stars and Stripes.

Once the shock was over and everyone was relieved to know there was no missile inbound, people started posting comical memes regarding the situation.

Featured image via PBS.

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