America’s Richest Self-Made Women Make HUGE Donation To Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

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It is no secret that the current administration does not want to keep Planned Parenthood around. Though, their claims to “de-fund” the organization due to abortions are completely misleading because government funds never go to funding abortions, conservatives can’t seem to fall for the ploy every time.

Planned Parenthood has been helping men and women for decades, just like any other doctor, in the field of medicine, physicals, family planning, and yes, on occasion, abortion services. Every thing that Planned Parenthood does is legal and they have been known to save a few lives with their cervical and breast cancer checks.

Well, with the threat of limited funding, both Elaine Wynn, co-founder of Wynn Resorts, and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, made donations of $1,000,000 to the organization. Sandberg took to her Facebook after Trump signed the “gag order” to deny family planning services to women overseas, stating:

The best way to prevent abortion is through more family planning services, not fewer….Women’s rights are human rights – and there is no more basic right than health care. Women around the world deserve our support.

But don’t get it wrong, these women aren’t the only ones supporting Planned Parenthood. Since December the organization has reported a huge increase in donations, 70 percent of which have come from new donors.

Wynn’s donation came on the heels of NY Fashion week where Diane von Furstenburg and Tory Burch avidly participated to raise awareness for the plight American women face without Planned Parenthood services.

The money donated will be spread among the many branches of the organization and we hope the contributions continue to rise to keep these life saving services available for everyone. And let’s not forget the millions donated in the name of VP Mike Pence!

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