5 Of The WORST Album Covers Of All Time

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Now, that we buy MP3s, we don’t look at album art as much as we used to. It used to be a big deal to buy your new album and look at the awesome cover art. Here are some of the worst there:

1. “All My Friends Are Dead” – Freddie Gage

Image via tastebuds blog

This is just depressing.

2. “Let Me Touch Him” – Minister’s Quartet

Image via tastebuds blog

This is so creepy on so many levels. They look like lawyers.

3. Joyce

Image via tastebuds blog

This all kinds of creepy. It looks like some cheesy glamor photo from the 90s.

4. “Jesus Use Me” – The Faith Tones

Image via tastebuds blog

The big hair is ridiculous, and the title is mildly suggestive.

5. “The Best Of Wayne Newton” – Wayne Newton

Image via tastebuds blog

Did someone not think of this when planning the cover?

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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