To The Women Boycotting Nordstrom For Ivanka – You Are Embarrassing Us (VIDEO)

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A video of several women, some holding a bunch of cash, and closing their accounts at Nordstrom has hit the internet by storm. Not only are these women making a statement about their political choices but also just how much the Right is clueless on what it means to support women.

First of all ladies, Nordstrom could give two shits that three women from God knows where are putting their twenty dollar bills back in their pocketbooks and going to Dillard’s. Your few hundred dollars a year is not going to break them.

Secondly, you want to boycott, that is fine, but don’t do it in the name of “supporting women” when you are going to buy Ivanka Trump clothing. This woman told you everything you wanted to hear to make her daddy look like a supporter, and then tucked tail and ran. She doesn’t give two shits about you, except to take your money for her children’s silver spoon.

Third, you are embarrassing. We are glad you have so much time on your hands that you could make a video that would make your children want to die of embarrassment, but I need you to realize something….YOU AREN’T COOL, and neither are your misplaced ideas on what it means to protest.

Remember, while you “take a step down” and not shop at Nordstrom, the so called “women” you are supporting are dying in the streets of Syria. They are freezing in tents with their families in the desert. You can’t decide to rep women if you are only repping the blonde business ones that don’t need your help in the first place.

So, put your money back in your damn purse and go volunteer at a battered women’s shelter, or go help those children whose mother’s have been ripped away by ICE. Stop being bigots and stop embarrassing us.


Featured image via Screenshot/Facebook Video.


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