The Women’s March Is Back At It And This Time Anyone Can Be Apart Of It

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On January 21, the day after President Trump’s Inauguration, a group of hundreds of thousands of people travelled to Washington D.C. and marched. This event, the Women’s March, is back at it with a planned day for women to strike.

The new event, A Day Without A Woman, will happen on March 8.

They had this to say about it on their Instagram post:

“In the spirit of women and their allies coming together for love and liberation, we offer A Day Without A Woman. We ask: do businesses support our communities, or do they drain our communities? Do they strive for gender equity or do they support the policies and leaders that perpetuate oppression? Do they align with a sustainable environment or do they profit off destruction and steal the futures of our children? We saw what happened when millions of us stood together in January, and now we know that our army of love greatly outnumbers the army of fear, greed and hatred. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, let’s unite again in our communities for A Day Without A Woman. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more information on what actions on that day can look like for you. In the meantime, we are proud to support Strike4Democracy’s #F17 National Day of Action to Push Back Against Assaults on Democratic Principles. This Friday, February 17th, gather your friends, families, neighbors, and start brainstorming ideas for how you can enhance your community, stand up to this administration, integrate resistance and self-care into your daily routine, and how you will channel your efforts for good on March 8th. Remember: this is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Let’s show President Trump just how “nasty” we can be, ladies!

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