Everyone Joined This Tweet Storm Roasting Trumps Terrifying Press Conference (TWEETS)

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Don’t forgot that before the dictator in charge held a rally to pat himself on the back and make sensationalist false claims about Sweden under attack, there was the seventy minute press conference where he babbled…and babbled…and randomly threw in some fake news…and babbled.

Not only was his lack of knowledge on subjects like nuclear weapons absolutely alarming, his inability to keep himself from name calling and throwing tantrums was mind blowing. It was like watching the kid who lost the Student Council vote make a speech before leaving the cafeteria.

Well, leave it to the public to take to Twitter in a tweet storm of sorts comparing Trump’s speech to being worst than the scariest movie they had ever seen.

Even celebs like JK Rowling got in on the action. Here are some of our favorites!

Annnd my personal favorite:

Featured image via Twitter/@altnatparkser.

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