A Man Returns His Library Book 75 Years Overdue – Good Thing This Charge Was Waived (Video)

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Even the best, most law abiding people forget to return library books. George Washington, the first president of this great nation, died before he could return his copy of The Law of Nations by Emer de Vattel. Subsequently, the book was returned to the New York Library 221 years past its due date.

Although not as bad as old George, Robert Lockman, Sr. certainly kept his copy of Sanford Tousey’s Val Rides The Oregon Trail for longer than he should have.

75 years longer, that is.

A nine-year-old Lockman, Sr. checked out the book from Osterhout Free Library in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on December 2, 1941. Five days later, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and Lockman, Sr. probably forgot all about his book.

Recently, after finding the book in the basement of his home in Shavertown, PA, Robert Lockman, Jr. decided to finally give the book back to the library. Although the library could have forced Lockman, Jr. to pay a staggering $554 late fee, they decided to waive the charge.

Apparently, this time around, a good deed went unpunished.

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