Maher to Yiannopoulos: ‘This Is The Beginning Of Your Career’

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HBO host Bill Maher sunk to a new low by having a racist, sexist, homophobic bully on his show last night. A bully who just happens to be gay.

Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor for the white supremacist website Breitbart News and who is permanently banned from Twitter, was on Real Time with Ball Maher. The misogynist is known for promoting a hateful, white heterosexual male agenda, one that considers women and homosexuals to be inferior.

His pro-bullying agenda was enough to prevent one panelist, Jeremy Scahill, from attending.

During the cringeworthy opening interview, Maher points out his ironic decision to not hire gay people. Yiannopoulos replied:

“Oh, no. You can’t trust them to show up to work on time. Too much drugs, too much sex, they never show up to work, always making up excuses. No, no, no.”

In other words, Yiannopoulos is the only hard-working gay person and lazy straights just don’t exist. He didn’t want to exclude the opposite sex from being difficult to work with though, saying:

“I mean, not as bad as women, but no, I don’t hire gays.”

As the audience rightfully booed, he pulled his hand away from his hunched-over body and chided them for being ‘pathetic.’ He claimed they got offended too easily and yet that’s what he’s built his career on.

If you can even call it a career.

Yiannopoulos is the grownup version of a childhood bully, the ones who are proven to be the most insecure people of the bunch. The ones who lash out at others for no other reason than to make themselves feel better.

President Donald Trump has displayed that same type of behavior.

While Maher made the mistake of giving him a platform, especially when he suggested that his career was just beginning, he did call Yiannopoulos out on his true political party. About being labeled a conservative, Yiannopoulos shrugged and said he didn’t think that was true. To which Maher said:

“You work for Breitbart and you’re a Trump supporter. You’re a conservative.”

Among the other panelists was Larry Wilmore, a comedian and author who grew tired of the shit show. During a discussion about transgender rights, Yiannopoulos went off and asked Maher to invite people with higher IQ’s.

After Yiannopoulos labeled all transgender men as sexual predators, Wilmore said:

“You can go fuck yourself.”

Thank you, Larry.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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