World’s Biggest Spam Fan Gets Married In The Spam Museum

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“Fan” is short for fanatic. Fanatics are people who are thoroughly committed to an idea, an entity, or a cause. One British citizen is a die-hard Spam fanatic.

In order to show how much he loves the processed and canned meat, he legally changed his name to Mark “I Love Spam” Benson.

Spam, a square-shaped ham made of pork, salt, potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrate, has long been demeaned as sub-par food for people typically below the poverty line.

Ever since Hormel introduced this product in 1937, Spam has been a byword for gastronomic kitsch.

During the Second World War Spam was doled out to Allied soldiers as part of their rations.

Factories sprung up in the U.S. and U.K. in order to meet this wartime demand. Benson’s grandfather and uncle both produced Spam at the Newforge Foods factory outside of Liverpool.

Image via: Liverpool Echo

Benson initially took the middle name “I Love Spam” as a tribute to his family. However, because of his unusual name, Benson has become a minor celebrity in the U.K.

Therefore, when Benson’s fiancée Anne Mousley told him they were scheduled to be married inside of the Spam Museum in Minnesota, the news hit the British tabloids.

Benson and Mousley will be the first couple to ever be married inside of the museum. As for their honeymoon, the pair have already scheduled to attend the Spam Jam Festival in Hawaii, the American state that consumes the most Spam in the entire country.

Featured image via: Daily Mirror 

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