These Tiny Trump Photos Are Everything – Countdown To Trumpertantrum Begins

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One of the first things that we noticed, as a nation, even before Trump was put into office, was the fact that anytime someone made fun of him, he couldn’t help but turn into a five-year-old child. His ego is so YUGE that it must have been the cause of his abnormally small hands.

Now, if it wasn’t funny enough, a new sub-Reddit page has popped up entitled “Tiny Trumps.” It is hard to even put into words just how perfect these photos are. In fact, and I dare to say it, I believe I get more enjoyment from these then the Biden memes that were absolutely amazing.

“Tiny Trumps” is a photoshop challenge where participants shrink the giant egoed monster to an itty bitty man. These photos capture the essense of Trump child like mentality, and make you really realize just how unfit this man is for the presidency.

Here are some of the best photos so far.

Let’s Get That Tie Tied Right

Photo via Reddit/flashsx.


Can’t Ignore Me Now

Photo via Reddit/envait.

I Want To Be Just Like Trudeau When I Grow Up

Photo via Reddit/MangoStrudel.


Making Mom Proud

Photo via Reddit/hurryupandwaitalread.


I’m A Big Boy Now

Photo via Reddit/LeonPerniciaro.


Bring Your Son To Work Day

Photo via Reddit/1HitWanderer.

Featured image via Imgur/Slettebek.

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