Keith Olbermann Asks The Question We Have All Been Wondering About The Trump Administration

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We wake each morning, and though you would think by now some desensitization would have occurred, our mouths immediately drop to the floor with the latest rantings, alternative facts, and blatant idiotic mistakes that Trump and his people are putting out to the public.

Could we really have been duped into a White House full of just really stupid people trying to be con men? Could we really be living in a country where, even when the lies are blatant, the xenophobic racists gulp it up and spew it back out without any thought at all?

No….there has to be another explanation. Keith Olbermann, when reviewing some of the biggest mistakes and jaw dropping moments of the last, oh couple of days, asked the question we all have been wondering:

Are these people high, or what?

Though there may be some drugs floating around the White House, sadly it seems we are just being dictated and surrounded by people that are just that clueless. It’s like we have put those kids who grow up billionaires and don’t understand life outside of their golden jet into a leading role and said go with it….

Oh wait, that is exactly what we did. Check out Olbermann’s full broadcast.

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