Ivanka Supporters Buy All The Perfume – Probably To Cover Up Their Own Stench

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Apparently, according to Amazon, despite the #GrabYourWallet movement and the plethora of retailers that have boycotted Ivanka Trump’s brand, her perfume is the number one seller in that category on Amazon.

It has to be hard being a Trump supporter, racist, xenophobe, and misogynist so you have to make sure that when you are walking around you can try to cover that up with a little spritz here and bath in perfume there.

The perfume is described as an “alluring and feminine floral oriental.” Okay can someone explain to me what exactly a floral oriental is, or smells like for that matter?

Whatever that smells like, according to Ivanka, it is a scent that encapsulates a “symbol of grace and beauty.” We know flowers are pretty but I am still lost at the oriental section of this.

Several different stores, including Nordstroms, may not be selling Ivanka’s clothing line anymore, but apparently Amazon has absolutely no qualms about supporting the Trump empire.

Unless of course Trump was the one who bought all of Ivanka’s perfume, in an attempt to make the numbers bigly and call the department stores fake clothing markets. I wouldn’t put it past him.

Featured image via By Michael Vadon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.


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