Conan’s Series Of Fake Trump Bugging Obama Is PERFECT (VIDEO)

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It seems that all of the comedians on mainstream television are jumping aboard the, “let’s make fun of Trump train,” and Conan O’Brien is no different.

In fact, with so much attention being brought to Saturday Night Live, I have been waiting for O’Brien to really give it to Trump the best way he knows how, with amazingly spot-on comedy.

It has been a longstanding joke that, since Trump doesn’t seem to have a clue about what is going on in the White House and many speculate he didn’t even want the job to begin with, it would not surprise us if he hit up President Obama for a little assistance.

Of course we know it’s actually Putin he calls, but this is funny none the less.

From having his cat arrested to fake polling, and down to bombing Iran, these videos are absolutely amazing.

Nordstrom Invasion And Arrested Cats

Pesky Media And Muslim Bans

Steve Bannon And Black History Month

‘Finding Dory’ And Travel Bans

A Little Golfing And A Lot Of Drones

Keep it Conan, we can definitely use the laughter right now. Maybe you should do a series with Trump and Putin, but that might be too close to reality.

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