Wind Blows Semi-Truck Into Police Car On Highway (VIDEO)

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Driving in windy conditions can be a pain. Winds can make it more challenging to drive and the higher the winds, the more hazardous the roads are for the drivers, and anyone else who is on the road.

A driver learned this the hard way when his semi-truck was flipped over by high winds while on the highway.

The driver was traveling on Interstate 80 on a windy day. The winds were up to 90 mph when the semi was hurled into a parked police car. Luckily, the driver and passenger in the semi were not hurt. The patrol car was also not occupied.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Lieutenant Kelly Finn said:

I am so lucky right now that I have not lost two troopers.

The driver of the semi may have disregarded the “high wind advisory” that closed the highway to commercial vehicles. Even though the driver was not injured, he did receive a citation for the crash.

The website said:

Side winds tend to be the scariest as a driver, because if they are strong enough, they can blow you off course. If you feel the side wind changing the direction of your vehicle, gently steer in the opposite direction to bring yourself back.

As terrifying as this crash was, there were other semi-trucks that were blown off the highway that same day. Finn believes that many trucking companies are not obeying the rules of the road when it comes to safety and wind advisories.

Finn said:

Our troopers were already in the same area working on two other semi-trucks that had blown off the interstate. Fortunately, nobody was in the police car or it would have been a lot worse. We’re seeing less and less compliance from these trucking companies when these wind advisories are out. They’re in a hurry and taking chances, and it’s dangerous.

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