This Animation Captures The Essence Of A Trump Handshake PERFECTLY (VIDEO)

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There are just so many weird things that President Trump does on a regular basis but his handshake wasn’t something we thought would be an issue. Being a lifelong businessman you would think that Trump’s handshake would be absolutely perfect…we were wrong.

After Trump gave Japanese Prime Minister Abe the weirdest handshake we have ever seen, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau made sure he was prepared for a quick breakaway.

A Swedish freelance CGI animator, Andres Ryttar, created a computer generated giff that captured the strange handshake perfectly. Shortly after uploading it to Twitter, it went viral, even being shared by JK Rowling herself. Ryttar told the Huffington Post:

I felt that Trump’s handshake thing was so bizarre that the idea came to me instantly. Sometimes you just have to do stuff that is just fun and not terribly serious.

After so much attention and an astronomical amount of attention the only thing Ryttar wishes is that he had spent just a little extra time on it.

We, however, think that the awkward closeness, the knee jerk response, and the tiny little hands next to his round body is the perfect portrayal of the Orange Ruler of Death. We can only hope Mr. Ryttar turns this into a series.

Featured image via The Telegraph.

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