Sydney Herald Presents ‘Spicer-ize My Name’ (VIDEO)

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been the butt of jokes from SNL’s rendition of him chasing the press around on a motorized scooter to countless memes all over the web. But don’t feel too bad for him because he brings every single bit of it on himself.

The newest trend is focusing on the fact the Spicer just can’t seem to get people’s names correct. We don’t know if it is his nerves, his raging emotions, or his complete lack of brain cells that causes him to completely screw up really important people’s names.

For example, during a press conference, Spicer spoke about the Prime Minister of Canada’s impending visit and kindly called him…Joe Trudeau. Though that has a nice ring to it, it isn’t quite right. He also happened to call the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Trumble instead of Turnbull.

You would think that when your only job is to get information from the White House to the public you would know the names of the people you were talking about.

Well, Americans aren’t the only ones that find this funny. The Sydney Herald put up an interactive page on their website that allows you to enter your name and see what comes out of Spicer’s tiny little brain. They call it, “Spicer-ize My Name,” and it couldn’t be more hilarious.

The page can be found here.

Featured image via Joe My God.


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